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Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Broker, Tax Professional, Attorney, Auto Dealer, Loan Officer or a Professional in any industry that is dependent upon clients with good credit.

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Hi, my name is Paul Thacker, I am the owner of Safe And Sure Credit Repair.

We help clients improve their credit.

We work with tons of professionals just like you by helping your clients get qualified for loans that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Have you ever worked with a credit repair company before?

● Is that working out for you?
● Do they let you track your client’s progress online?
● Do they pay you a commission?

That's good that you've got somebody already but.

We are different from the majority of the other credit repair companies that are out there.

1. We work fast and reliable, most of our clients are ready within 90 days.

2. We’re bonded and compliant with all laws that regulate the industry.

3. We charge VERY reasonable fees and GIVE YOU a nice bonus for your referrals.

4. We allow you to track real-time progress online so you know exactly when they're ready.

5. Most importantly, we get results.

Not only do we help delete negative items, but we also help clients rebuild positive credit.

Many people have Identity theft and fraud issues: we do everything from getting the identity theft affidavits, police reports, to contacting the creditors and the credit bureaus.

We help delete inquiries; the list goes on and on. We have a very thorough program and I'd love to earn some of your business.

This isn’t a one-way street – I’m not asking you for a free ride.

We take really good care of our affiliates. We pay you up to $50 per referral if you are not a mortgage/real estate broker (RESPA).

What do you think about just testing us out?

That way you can compare us and choose the best to work with from there, also give us a chance to show you we do what we say we're going to do, and that we are the best out there.

It only takes about 3 minutes to become an affiliate, simply follow the 2 steps below.

Now that you’re an affiliate, this is how we ask that you send us referrals.

It only takes about 30 seconds to send a referral and it eliminates ALL the potential confusion throughout the referral process.

If you have any questions contact us today.

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Coach Paul Thacker
Toll Free (24/7) 800*649*8987
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Toll Free: 800.649.8987
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